Christoph Dahlhausen | New Catalogue
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New Catalogue

Lichtblicke (Light Views)


On the occasion of the large scale solo exhibition at the Kunstverein Markdorf and in cooperation with Kunstmuseum Ahlen a set of three catalogues is published. The books focus on three of Dahlhausens work series:

  • Light Installation (text by Prof. Dr. Michael Schwarz), Bodies (text by Dr. Sabina Elsa Mueller) and Filter works (text by Jasmin Biamca Hartman, arthistorian M.A.)
  • Catalogue Light Installations 978-3-9819817-2-8 Catalogue Bodies 978-3-9819817-3-5 Catalogue  Filter 978-3-9819817-4-2


Books can be ordered from Kunstverein Markdorf, Kunstmuseum Ahlen, Galleries representing the artist’s works or from studio Christoph Dahlhausen.